GLC has been producing career education resources for NZ & Australian schools for more than a decade, utilising the writer's experience as a practising school careers advisor.

These affordable resources are designed to meet the real needs of those working in the careers and transition area, including Gateway. All packages include a Teachers' Guide and can be used at various levels within a secondary school or Youth Guarantee programme. Assessment Schedules are included for packages offering NZQA credits. All packages are reviewed and/or updated annually.

One of the best things we can do for students right now is help develop their career (i.e. lifelong planning) development skills to assist them to deal with the new normality that awaits them.

2020 and 2021 threw up new and unforeseen challenges to us all. While we hope for a more settled 2022, we know there are no guarantees. If you are looking for suitable resources for your secondary school students to work with at this time we could have what you need. Many schools have commented that their students enjoyed having workbooks as opposed to doing yet another zoom lesson (although both the junior and senior career planning workbooks are also available as Google docs).


Simply click on the Order Form link to download the form. Complete with your order and email it to Don’t forget to include your order number.

If preferred, you can email your order directly.

Career Workbooks available – their future career deserves it! These workbooks are the standard for NZ schools.

  • My Career Plan for Juniors

    Give your students the very best career workbook available. Your students deserve it. This is a critical stage in their career development, and this workbook is up to the challenge. This highly interactive workbook is the most widely used career resource of its kind in New Zealand schools. Its aim is to familiarise students with the career planning process rather than selecting a specific career to aim for.

    Now also available in Google doc format

  • My Career Plan 2 for Seniors

    Now you can offer your senior students a Career workbook and award credits towards NCEA. This workbook incorporates 3 unit standards worth 8 credits and follows a logical sequence covering all PCs.

    • 10781: Produce a plan for own future directions (L2 C3)
    • 12383: Explore career options and their implications (L2 C3)
    • 7121: Demonstrate skills to search and select information (L1 Cr2)

    Now also available in Google doc format

  • Career Decision Making

    The Career Decision Making workbook is designed for Year 11-13 students, particularly those who need support in this area. Because it is not unit standard based, the teacher can utilise the whole workbook or focus on specific activities, depending on the needs of the student(s). You are also able to set the depth of responses, depending on the ability level of the student(s). It is suitable for full class or individual student use and could be delivered by other teachers (for example during a house group period/form time) as part of a school-wide careers programme. Topics covered in the workbook include:

    • Decision making
    • Personal qualities, interests and work values
    • Occupational types
    • Barriers to options
    • Case studies
    • Selection and development of options
    • Evaluation of decisions

    The full package includes Teacher Notes

  • Year 11 Career Research English Unit

    Students work through a series of tasks to complete a career research project worth 10 credits:

    • English Achievement Standard 90853 (1.9) Use information literacy skills to form conclusions L1 Cr4
    • English Achievement Standard 90053 (1.5) Produce formal writing L1 Cr3
    • English Achievement Standard 90857 (1.6) Construct & deliver an oral text L1 Cr

  • Students in the Workplace (Unit standards)

    This folder contains everything you need for successful Work Experience placements, except the actual employer! It includes an Assignment that combines 2 unit standards together in a sensible teaching package worth 6 Credits.

    • 543: Work in a new workplace (L1 CR3)
    • 10780: Complete a work experience placement (L2 Cr3)

    It contains letters, memos, permission forms, OSH advice, guidance for employers... and comes via email so that you can use these as editable templates. Suitable for use in Gateway programmes.

    Download a copy of the Resource Catalogue

Career Tools

Essential time saving tools for Careers Advisors:

  • Career Coach Card Sort 5 in 1 activity.

    The Card Sort helps you identify :

    • Occupational interests
    • Work values
    • Skills
    • Skill competency
    • Skill advancement (training needs)
    • Skills for Future Employment


Card Sort Update

New cards of skills identified as necessary for Employment in the Future has been added. These soft skills can be included with the full set and worked through the same as the other skills. Those which are part of the Employability Skills Framework are identified separately.

Alternatively, they can be used as a separate activity, particularly with senior students needing to identify gaps to be worked on to ensure their future employability.

  • Departmental Management Documents

    All the hard work has been done for you. Ready to modify to your particular school. It contains policy statements, job descriptions, resource inventories, funding information, suggested activities (according to levels), annual reports, etc.

    We can update the data annually for you for a small cost.

  • Careers Evening PowerPoint Presentation

    This PowerPoint presentation contains 30 editable slides explaining options and how to make subject option selections. It is personalised to your school and supplied by email.

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